Disha Infotech application development team has an experience of building over a thousand custom web applications for clients spread across the world. We work with our clients to match strategic organizational needs with the best possible technology, design innovative and distinctive solutions, and implement practical, sensible software. While our programming and software development experience is first rate, we place the highest value on the technology and business practices consulting and systems design consulting that we bring to each job.

Disha Infotech brings together a seasoned team of consulting professionals with solid experience integrating Windows, UNIX and the Internet with legacy as well as relational databases. We understand building essential solutions in Microsoft Access and extensive architectures for the web, and the variety of situations in between. We have extensive experience with Microsoft Visual Basic, ASP,, Microsoft Office-based applications; open source operating systems and databases; building multi value, as well as relational database management systems; building and using web application platforms, supporting and hosting under both Linux and Windows; creating Microsoft COM object-based Active X development.

For web development, we are familiar with both the Microsoft web developer tools for Internet Information Server, as well as open source web development platforms, such as LAMP-Linux /Apache / MySQL (or PostgreSQL) / Perl(or PHP). We rely on proven, scalable object-based techniques for building dynamic web sites.

Choice of Environment with Database Designs

Almost every computer system today offers database capabilities, but some suit one or another task better than others. Database Designs makes use of a number of computer systems and database managers. Our first responsibility is to help you make the most appropriate choice.

Microsoft Database Software

For departmental level and entry-level applications an excellent combination of professional developer features with an easy learning curve for experienced users. This makes for easy prototyping and rapid development of true windows database applications. For larger scale projects, we develop sophisticated client-server and web applications using Visual Basic with SQL Server and other database server technologies.

Open Source Platforms

Open source platforms, particularly for web applications, can be a very cost effective strategy for nonprofit web development. We have close to ten years of experience using the Linux operating system, and have developed many web sites, web applications on this platform.

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