How can I increase website visitors?

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Power of Social Media

Social media is contributing HUGE value to drive traffic to the website. I have seen sites like BuzzFeed or Scoop Whoop whose main sources of traffic are social media sites (Facebook and Twitter). This is just one example but Moz’s ranking factor also proofed that social media makes a vital role in search engine ranking. So we can’t avoid these sites. Main traffic increases by likes including social media sharing buttons. This one simple step provides prominent social media platforms a way to build a focused list of followers.

Start Blogging on Your own Website

Many believe that making a blog on your own website is as easy as making toast. Yes, it may be even easier! But you need to keep the certain thing in while creating and publishing a blog.
Starting a blog is just half the task done, what is next? The next task to promote a blog so your site can get maximum traffic and the target audience should reach and read it. There are many ways to promote and increase traffic on your business blog.

Blog Commenting in Your Business Niche

Blog commenting is a simple and essential tool to increase your blog’s traffic. It would be done in two ways. The first one is, respond to the comment that left on your published article on an own blog or another blog where you published a guest post. Readers always have some opinion and they express their opinion through the comment. As an author, your first target is to respond to readers’ comments. This will help you to increase your authenticity and reader’s loyalty and also increase two-way communications.

Second, leave comments on other blogs that are relevant to your niche in order to increase traffic on your site. Blog comment on other’s blog is an important way to become known to drive new traffic. Here you will have an opportunity to express your opinion as a reader and show off your expertise in your business niche.

Internal Linking

Internal links are links that go or come from one page on a website to another page on the same website.

Internal links are the most important factor for establishing the architecture of the site and it also useful for both visitors and search engines. It interconnects one page with another and the user can use it to navigate your site.

Sometimes you may need to beyond these above-mentioned techniques in order to drive more traffic toward your website. But all stated techniques are proofed and have a good contribution to increasing traffic.

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