What Is Keyword Search Volume?

Keyword search volume is a metric that various SEO and PPC tools calculate to tell marketers how many times users search for a particular keyword per month.

You can look at keyword volume to determine how popular—and competitive—a keyword is. Which can then guide you to target the keywords most likely to garner interest and drive traffic. You can quickly find a keyword’s monthly search volume using Keyword Overview.

Enter your keyword into the search bar. The report will show you the keyword’s search volume. keyword search volume for dog food at 110,000 monthly searches (Along with a ton of other metrics that can guide your keyword research efforts.)

Note: Global search volume is the sum of the keyword’s monthly search volumes across all our regional databases.

How Do Keywords Work?

Keywords can help search engines determine what a webpage’s content is about. That helps search engines serve that content for relevant search queries.

So, when a user searches for a related keyword, the search engine (hopefully) includes the webpage in the search engine results page (SERP) for that query.

Which means:

Incorporating relevant keywords is a critical element of on-page SEO.

However, you can’t just add keywords to a page and expect it to rank. You need to provide high-quality, useful, relevant content that includes your chosen keywords.

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