Which is Better, SEO or SEM?

seo vs sem

better SEO or SEM Whenever you hit the search button on your system, whether you’re using Bing or Google, you are going to have two results. One is the organic result—free—and the Ads—paid results. As for organic results, they are determined by a combination of Chosen URL, links, content tags, etc, and the paid ones are just what they are.

Whatever result you get, there are some dominant terms that help in shaping and determining what type of results you will get from your search. These acronyms have a profound effect on your website and business visibility. These are:

SEO — which stands for search engine optimization and it refers to implementing a variety of techniques created to increase a business ranking on search engine listings and smart SEO strategies. It uses a variety of keywords to enhance a site relevance and visibility to search.

SEM — on the other hand, means search engine marketing is the bedrock on which all digital marketing strategies/tactics rest on—whether free or paid. The main aim of SEM is to increase the visibility of your company in search engines.

As for PPC—which means Pay-per-click marketing is a different ball game entirely. PPC make use of a technique to gauge and determine the price and value of online ads each time user click on that ad, advertisers pay a chargeable fee, irrespective of the outcome. PPC means that companies pay for the clicks whether the user finally orders a massive service/product or simply exit at the early stage.

Ads offer by PPC are the typical banners you see on the corner of a window each time you perform a search. In most cases, they are the listings you will see first in search results, and are usually marked as ads or sponsored results.

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