Linux web hosting is everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a simple shared website hosting account or a powerful dedicated server, the chances are that you’ll be offered a Linux-based option first. In many cases, you might not care. If your linux hosting needs are simple, you’ll probably choose an account based on the allocated web space, bandwidth and similar features – the operating system is so far down most people’s priority list that often it’s not even mentioned in comparison tables. But if you’re an experienced user, know more about Linux, or you perhaps need to build a technically complex website where you have full control over everything, it’s a different story.

You might want to choose your preferred distro or control panel. You could need more control over the server and its components. Hosts may throw in all kinds of goodies to get you started – a firewall, mail server, private DNS – and offer quality support to keep your site up and running.
Every web host has its own idea of what makes a great Linux package, but we’ve listed five of our favorite providers to point you in the right direction. Keep reading to find out more.

Benefit from anytime scalability, HTTP/2, PHP 7.3 (beta), SSL Wildcard Certificate, DDoS protection,included in all packages. Discover the features below.

Linux, cPanel, and 1-click installations
Support for PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Ruby on Rails

Secure FTP access and IP blocking
Tons of Linux-friendly eCommerce tools available
24/7 support and advanced spam protection
All shared servers run on CentOS

FREE site transfer and setup
Easy server management with cPanel and SSH access
Unlimited databases with daily site backups
99.9% uptime and 24/7 network monitoring