Mobile Commerce Development

Disha Infotech provides you with mobile commerce solutions that include services like e-shopping, e-ticketing, e-banking right through the mobile phones. Regardless of time or place, your customers will be able to do the transactions using their mobile phones and your business will grow bigger than ever before. Our list of m-Commerce solutions includes web content production and enhancement for mobile platforms, mobile payment gateway integration, web service integration, etc.

Benefits of our mobile commerce solutions

Mobile commerce means, you will enable people to use mobile terminals, such as a cell phone to access the Internet and do business transactions. This will bring the following benefits for your company:

  • Your offerings are more convenient to access using simply a mobile phone
  • People will enjoy an immense flexibility while conducting a business
  • Very high customer loyalty with innovative and one-to-one marketing strategy
  • Lower transaction costs thanks because of the widespread automation of our solutions
  • You will stand out from your competitors due to your mobile solution strategies
  • Field executives can access data with more ease and flexibility
  • Secure transaction platforms, as we follow the standards

Disha Infotech offers different m-Commerce solutions:

Mobile shopping: Features include order placement, availability of products, price checking, payment acknowledgment, delivery information and confirmation of shipment

Mobile Banking: Features include statements of account, payment instructions and other banking facilities
Mobile Brokerage: Features include checking stock prices, monitoring prices using watchlist, setting inquiries and placing orders
Mobile Access Points: Using intranet applications, such as telephone directories, newsboard etc, we can set mobile access points for corporate
Mobile Travel Booking: Features include total Internet solution with information and booking of hotels, air-tickets, cabs and other facilities using mobile phones