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Disha Infotech

Brochure Designing Service

brochure represents your corporate identity and tells the story of your brand. We design corporate brochures that are rich in content and have great designs. It’s handy with all the relevant details of your business and eye-catchy illustrations to draw the attention of your target audience. At Disha Infotech, we boast of an expert brochure design team with years of experience in designing brochures and other marketing collaterals for companies from varied industries. We think of a unique concept that can help you stand out of the crowd and convey your brand message with boldness. In every stage of the brochure creation, we communicate with the client to make sure the core business principles are conveyed prominently. Each brochure we create features high resolution and original images, influential content, detailed illustration, and a well-organized layout.

Various types of communication methods we use
  • Media Kits
  • E-bulletin
  • Training Manuals
  • Online Messages
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
Brochure Design Services

We Can offer you Various Types of Brochure Designing

  • Bi-Fold Brochures

    A bi-fold design brochure with a unique layout creates a professional impression of your business.Tri- fold brochures: This type of brochure will be easy-to-carry with a significant brand message inside with attractive images that will be in-line with your marketing strategies.

  • Single-Sided Flyers

    We design such flyers very quickly with out-of-the-box concepts and unique designs and which offer an affordable way to promote your brand.

  • Corporate Folders

    Our designers will work to create your unique brochure that gives a corporate feel and can establish your bold presence as a leader in the industry.We also offer tailor-made corporate identity designing services for clients to promote their brands, projects, events and anything else.

  • Double-Sided Flyers

    The double-sided flyer we design can aptly deliver the business message with its exclusive template and appealing content and pictures.

Communication Strategy

We develop communication strategies to help expand your business impact and broaden your customer base. With our well-planned external and internal communication, you can build a solid relationship not only with your customers, but also with employees, partners, vendors, investors and other stakeholders. Our communication strategy helps you in establishing a close collaboration with your associates for mutual benefits.

With the solid communication plan we develop for you, you can consolidate your existing relationship and can also forge new partnerships. For a bold industry positioning, you can rely on our multi-prong communication strategies that include both online and offline mechanisms. We execute your communications for you to carry out your conversations to create a positive atmosphere for your policies and philosophies. Our communication strategy services are ideal for NGOs and other organizations to create awareness about their outreach activities.

Brochure Design Services