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Email Marketing Services

Building a successful email marketing campaign was never so important before! Today, if not everyone, but your target audience is undoubtedly using emails as a prominent communication channel. From a personal message to business communications, emails are today being considered as an important mode of communication. This is the reason why you cannot ignore email as an important marketing strategy, which could be effective as well as very cost-effective. At Disha Infotech, we design email marketing campaigns that not only help you in retaining your existing customers, but also prove effective in wining new ones. With our wisely designed and prudently written email, you can reach your customers with your direct message. This is the best and the most affordable way to communicate with your customers and update them about your new offerings, innovations, achievements and so on. Your customers will love to learn more about your products/brands and will become more loyal to you.
we can tailor-make the email content, based on the consumer behavior. So, your target audience will receive emails as per their choices and preferences that dramatically increase the success rate of an email campaign. At the same time, we can blend offers, coupon codes etc in our emails that can directly boost your sales, and you can track your ROI.

Email Marketing Services

Types of Email Marketing We offer

  • Email Newsletters

    We send email newsletters on a regular basis to the list of subscribers. These people receive updates about your company and stay updated about all the developments about you. We also include the sales messages intelligently, besides trying to build a relationship with your customer.

  • Transactional Emails

    These emails are sent out to customers when they do any business transactions with your company. Besides confirming a specific transaction, the email contains a trailing message to inspire customers to make another transaction. the given sales message can guarantee more business for you.

  • Direct Emails

    These are direct communications to your target audience, aimed at informing them about new products, special offers or something else. Besides engaging content, these emails contain links for customers to purchase a product or complete any other task.