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Disha Infotech

Online PR Solutions

We offer you Online PR Solutions, an incredible and cost-effective way to promote your business and take your brand to a wider audience. Unlike traditional PR, we devise strategies to tell the story of your brand through online channels. With our online PR techniques, we influence people and win their trust to increase the saleability of your service or product. Using quality content, we achieve Online PR for our clients through blogs, Social Media and other relevant channels. Through online PR, we promote new products, services and events by creating newsworthy stories. We design an Online PR strategy for your company to help achieve your complete digital marketing goals. As a digital agency, our strategy will focus on your business objectives. By developing engaging content and sharing with bloggers, columnists, influences, social media accounts and others, we create a positive sentiment for your brand or business. We track the success of your PR campaigns on a regular basis and update content, if needed. At Disha Infotech, we believe PR is very important to the success of a business. It can promote your organization on a wide variety of platforms, bringing you the kind of publicity that money simply cannot buy. We draft news stories that are more credible and engaging and which establishes your brand value than adverts can do. Consumers will read these stories with an open mind and never consider them as a selling pitch, and this generates their interest in your brand. We also employ many little-known tricks, including affiliate marketing, endorsements, event sponsorships that can help position you as a philanthropist. We share the online PR content across social media channels, and which also enhances the SEO of your website.

Online Pr Services

Our PR strategy includes

  • Social Media posts
  • Writing and submission
  • Engaging content creation
  • Videos and infographics
  • Interviews and Messages
  • Guest Blogs & Stay relevant
  • Internal communications
  • Event participation, audience