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Disha Infotech

Rich Media Ads

In the digital advertising space, Rich Media is a significant approach that includes interactive features, like audio, video, animation and other elements that can engage viewers with the content. At Disha Infotech, we understand that the text ads may lose its significance very soon, while rich media ads will play a key role in involving the audience. With the help of our expert rich media ad designing, we also aggregate the metrics of your audience behavior, which can define the success of your advertising campaign. We can create complex rich media ads that can draw a strong response from viewers. We employ the HTML5 technology to place content on multiple levels in a single advert, targeting different user profiles. From a simple objective of generating clicks to achieve a more ambitious goal of creating a brand value, we work on different rich media formats

Types of Rich Media Creatives

  • Banner

    We design creative banners to be positioned on a web page or a mobile application. We can create from a basic banner to a rich media creative that can include videos and download links to further engage your audience.

  • Floating Banners

    With our floating banners, we can display interstitial creative along with your banner, which can simply draw the attention of your audience.

  • Lightbox

    This is a premium ad format that can work on both desktop and mobile platforms. A mouseover will expand the lightbox to the available screen space to display the ad content. On a mobile device, a simple tap can expand the lightbox for the content display.

  • Dynamic Banners

    The dynamic banner can have a managed link profile, which can change the content as per the set rules. We design dynamic banners that can deliver a comprehensive message in a rather convincing manner.

  • MDE Ads

    We can create ads that can expand in multiple directions, depending upon the space available on the page.the message in a prolific manner.

  • Push Down Ads

    This type of creative pushes down the web page content, while expanding the advertisement. The ad creates a way for the web page to move out for a user to see the advertisement. We can determine the frequency of the ad when the web page content can move down to appear the advertisement.