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Pinterest helps you tell a visual story about your brand. Through pictures and videos, you're able to show — rather than tell — your audience what you're about as a company, the things you value, what and who you support, and the types of products and services you sell.
Pinterest is unique among social platforms because its users are — largely — going there to discover new products, and they respond well to ads. Pinterest offers a mix of free and paid advertising tools, and combining both can earn you 3x more conversions and twice the ROI on your ad spend, versus paid ads alone.
As a visual search engine, Pinterest does more than help people discover new content–it also helps increase traffic to your website. In fact, Pinterest drives more traffic than any other social media platform.

  • Eye Catching video ads
  • Interactive flavor to idea pin ads.
  • Add a tab to Facebook.
  • Contests and promotions
  • Permotion Post
  • More Followers

Pinterest Marketing Services